About me

Spencer Winegarden

Why I Do What I Do

My career has been one of the “digital nature” for 25 years. With that career has come knowledge, fulfillment, friends, and family wellbeing. However, something was still missing, something that I found about 3 years ago when I began working with wood to create my real first project, a set of raised dog bowls for our pups. With that creation came a sense of pride in something I created in the physical world vs. the digital. After much coaxing from family and friends to create more items, I began on the journey of woodcrafting. I have found something that brings peace to my mind after a stressful day at work, brings joy to those who receive my creations, and brings a sense of calm to this otherwise busy, hectic, and often stressful world we live in.

This is my journey, you’re all along for the ride. Please enjoy the adventure, reach out and say hello, and follow along as I learn a new craft and hone my skills. While you’re at it, be sure to check out my YouTube channel and Instagram feed as I learn how to navigate these waters and I share this adventure with the world.