New clamping technology? Yes please!

New clamping technology? Yes please!

Need more clamps? Of course you do!

So I received an email from Woodcraft this morning entitled “5 Accessories to Make Your Shop Life Better” which of course I briefly browsed knowing it’s just a marketing piece that’s trying to sell me something. Which is all fine and good, they are a business, I like the people at our local store, and they have a job to do too. But something caught my eye, their #1 accessory to make my shop life better.

It was the new Bessey GearKlamps clamp. It’s been years since I’ve seen any innovation in clamping technology, probably since the introduction of the Kwik Clamps that we love (but are a bit bulky in certain instances) and so I was pretty interested. Knuckle scrapes and bruises are all to well known for us woodworkers when clamping in close quarters, so these are pretty interesting. After a bit of research I come to find that these aren’t exactly new, Bessey’s original promo video has been out for about 10 months or so (March, 2018) but this is the first I have seen of them, which doesn’t exactly bode well for their popularity or market penetration…

I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on any yet and this blog post is not promoting them, but I’d love to hear from anyone that has tried them and hear about what you think of them. I’m intrigued for sure. If you’ve used them before please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Their clamps come in 4 common clamp sizes:

Woodcraft’s promotional video:

Bessey’s official promotional video:

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