Why I Do What I Do

My career has been one of the “digital nature” for 25+ years. With that career has come knowledge, fulfillment, friends, and family well-being. However, something was still missing, something that I found about 5 years ago when I began working with wood to create my real first project, a set of raised dog bowls for our pups. With that creation came a sense of pride in something I created in the physical world vs. the digital. After much coaxing from family and friends to create more items, I began on the journey of wood crafting. I have found something that brings peace to my mind after a stressful day at work, brings joy to those who receive my creations, and brings a sense of calm to this otherwise busy, hectic, and often stressful world we live in.

Join the journey with my YouTube channel and Instagram feed.

Spencer Winegarden


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